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What is acrylic plexiglass product silk printing processing?

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Author : China Acrylic Manufacturer
Update time : 2020-10-15 15:31:37
What is acrylic plexiglass product silk printing processing?

We often see some acrylic products with colorful text patterns or logos on them, most of which are made by the process of acrylic screen printing. 

Acrylic screen printing that is screen printing, is already done in the acrylic products on the picture or text in the designated position.

Silk screen printing on organic glass products is one of the more common processes in the acrylic processing industry.

With the update and progress of the process, customers have higher and higher requirements on the acrylic screen printing technology.Monochrome text screen printing has been unable to meet the needs of users, now acrylic products screen printing into three categories: monochrome, multi-color (four-color CNYK) and heat transfer printing.

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1, monochrome screen printing is a relatively simple screen printing process, after film technology to screen printing design (LOGO, picture, AD, etc.) have on the screen, then simply put acrylic products printing sheet below, will be one color of ink through the screen printing on acrylic crafts, this completes the monochrome screen printing.

2. Four-color (CNYK) silk-screen printing is the meaning of multi-color silk-screen printing. Many logos and propaganda pictures are usually composed of multiple colors, which requires four-color silk-screen printing.Four-color screen printing process and in front of monochrome screen printing, just before the use of ink printing needs toning, also wants when printing ink alignment position, operation difficulty is bigger, more complex than monochrome screen printing process.

3. thermal transfer printing technology with high efficiency in a process, it is to use the thermal transfer machine drum will all colors printed on thermal transfer film formed on the LOGO, picture, AD, reuse the heating plate will LOGO embossed on the acrylic products.Heat transfer printing has high production efficiency, but high cost and scrap rate. It is usually suitable for mass production.

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