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9 Production Processes Of Acrylic Products

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Update time : 2020-05-27 09:49:58
9 Production Processes Of Acrylic Products

The first step :cutting

With the opening machine for acrylic sheet cutting, this need to clear the size of acrylic products, in order to accurately open, in order to avoid material waste.

The second step: Engraving

After the completion of the opening, according to the shape requirements of acrylic products, the acrylic plate was carved, carved into different shapes of graphics.

The third step: trimming

After opening or carving, the edges of the acrylic plate are rough, so the trimming machine should be used in the trimming machine.

The fourth step: punching

This process is based on the needs of acrylic products, and some have small round hole, this step will use the drilling process.

The fifth step: polishing

After cutting, carving and drilling have rough edges, easy to scratch, so the polishing process, the polishing is divided into grinding polishing, polishing and polishing fire, need to choose different ways according to the polishing of acrylic products.

The sixth step: tear paper

Paper tearing process is the process before silk screen and hot bending process, because the acrylic board will have a protective paper after leaving the factory, and the sticker must be torn off on the acrylic board before silk screen and hot bending.

The seventh step: screen printing

This step is generally the customer needs to show their brand LOGO or propaganda language will choose silk screen, screen printing is divided into monochrome screen printing and four-color screen printing 2 ways.

The eighth step: hot bending

By hot bending, the acrylic can be changed into different shapes, and the hot bending can be divided into local hot bending and integral hot bending respectively.

The ninth step: adhesion, packaging

These two steps are the last two steps in the process of acrylic products. The whole part of the product is assembled and packaged before leaving the factory.