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The Application Of The Acrylic Box And The Manufacturing Process

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Author : Acrylic Gift Box Manufacturer
Update time : 2021-09-17 10:53:06
Acrylic boxes are widely used, such as acrylic gift boxes as gift boxes, acrylic cosmetic boxes for household cosmetics, acrylic food boxes for supermarkets, food stores, acrylic packaging boxes for external packaging, etc.

How can a wide range of acrylic boxes be made? Don't be in a hurry. Let's explain to you.

Acrylic wedding card box

No matter what the use of acrylic boxes, their production methods are the same, no more than the use of bonding and bending of the two processes, including bonding is the necessary technology, and the bending process depends on circumstances.

For example, using a thick acrylic processing box, because the plate is too thick to bend or bend after deformation, it can only cut acrylic into 6 sides, polish the edges and glue them into boxes, and make thin acrylic boxes.

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If no special requirements, generally use two kinds of bending + bonding process, the acrylic sheet bending in a box shape, and then spliced together with glue bonding, such production benefit is faster than all the glue bonding fast, but due to the bonding place less, reducing the adhesion is not good and the probability of bubbles and the overflow of glue.

Acrylic wedding gift box

The above is acrylic box production method, believe a certain understanding of everyone on the acrylic box process, professional production of various kinds of acrylic products, main products are: acrylic products, acrylic display stand, acrylic products, acrylic Hotel boxes, acrylic boxes, acrylic products etc.