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Witness The Honor With A Custom Acrylic Trophy!

Nov 21, 2018

Near the end of the year, Acryl China has received many orders about custom trophy.  

Customers have said these trophies are used for the company's annual meeting awards. The symbol of the trophy is of great significance, and it is a high recognition of the achievement of reputation.

custom acrylic trophy

The trophy is made of transparent high-grade acrylic . This material is not as heavy as crystal material, but the transparency can compete with the it. Acrylic can also be create into many shapes, each ridge line is processed through the jewelry cutting process, 

custom acrylic trophy

For craft, we use silk screen to do company's exclusive logo, making overall awards look crystal simple and generous .Therefore, the acrylic trophy has become a new fashion, and many enterprises and institutions prefer to customize the acrylic trophy.

custom acrylic trophycustom acrylic trophycustom acrylic trophycustom acrylic trophycustom acrylic trophycustom acrylic trophy

Welcome to the our company and custom acrylic trophy!