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Technical Information About Acrylic

Why Acrylic Is Better Than Glass

Dec 15, 2017



why Acrylic Is Better Than Glass

Reason 1: Acrylic is Lighter than Glass

According to Professional Plastics glass is twice the weight of the same size piece of acrylic. The lighter weight of acrylic makes it much easier to hang & transport,

Reason 2: Acrylic is Stronger than glass

In impact resistance tests acrylic has come up 17 times stronger then glass.

Reason 3: Acrylic is Clearer than glass

Where “clear glass” has a greenish tint, clear acrylic is just that, clear. Acrylic has the same index of refraction of water and is therefore much clearer then glass that can distort things looked at through it.

Reason 4: Acrylic is Cheaper than glass

Because of how much easier acrylic is to work with, products made from acrylic instead of glass are easier to produce.a

Reason 5: Acrylic is Safer than glass

Acrylic is safer then glass as it doesn't shatter. Where Acrylic may only break into a couple large pieces, glass shards into tiny pieces.