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Warm And Interesting Staff Birthday Party - Acryl China Co., Ltd.
Aug 30, 2017

Maybe you don't have a birthday habit; Maybe you haven't celebrated your birthday for a long time. Maybe no one is accompanying you on your birthday...At the end of August, we had an interesting birthday party for the staffs, and let them felt warm from the family of Acryl China.


During the birthday party, in order to deepen the mutual understanding between employees and enhance the team's cohesion, host led everyone to sing birthday songs, cut cake, play games, make wishes, etc.


Employees are the most valuable treasure of the company, and the development and expansion of Acryl China Co.,Ltd. can't be separated from so many outstanding talents.Thanks for this warm family, we will develop together with company and provide more high-quality acrylic display products and services for global customers.


Happy birthday! Happy work! Happy life!