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Technical Information About Acrylic

The Application Of Visual Marketing In Commodity Display

Dec 05, 2017

As the saying goes, "seeing is believing, but hearing is false."This is true, which means that visual stimuli are very big, and stores are now focusing on the commercial value of visual marketing.When you walk into the mall and see rows of neat array of goods, that's all.Competition between businesses is not only about product quality, but also competition that occupies the consumer's visual focus.And commodity display props are the first step to help merchants push good products to consumers.So, what function should a good acrylic display prop have?

1. Function of new product listing notification

Through our existing experience, each time the old customer's store has  new product coming to market, they will customize  new set of acrylic display shelves according to the number of new products from the store.This is because of the need to cooperate with the new product launch to do some popular publicity, use the unified style of the display prop in the sales place, can attract the consumer line of sight, stimulate its purchase desire.

acrylic display props 1.jpg

2. Arouse consumers' potential purchase consciousness function

In the present era of information developed, although the merchants have make full use of various channels of publicity to promote products, but when the consumers into the store, have forgotten by other mass media advertising content. At the moment, the use of a custom-designed display prop that can evoke a consumer's awareness of the purchase.

acrylic display props 2.jpg

3. Replace the shop assistant's function

The environment that the acrylic shop display props is using is the supermarket, and the customers in the supermarket shopping are mostly self-selected. In the supermarket, when consumers are confronted with many products without the help, display products of the acrylic display stand is an invisible sales tool. They faithfully and constantly provide product information to consumers, which can attract consumers to facilitate their purchase determination.

acrylic display props 3.jpg

4. Create the function of sales atmosphere

We can customize the product colors and patterns on display rack according to the customers' demands. We can also design brand logo, promote advertising language, create a good sales atmosphere, attract consumers' attention and promote their purchasing impulse.

acrylic display props 4.jpg

5. Enhance the function of corporate image

Nowadays, many enterprises not only pay attention to raise the popularity of products, but also pay great attention to the publicity of corporate image. From the perspective of brand promotion, the acrylic display props can be used to establish and enhance the corporate image in the sales environment, thus maintaining a good relationship with consumers.

acrylic display props 5.jpg