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Acryl China’s Share: The World's Top Ten Luxury Watch Brands

Dec 15, 2017

If you visit the mall a lot, you will notice that the watch brand, which is one of the luxuries.Each large shopping center will set up a counter for the display and sale of watches.So, how many of the world's best-known luxury watches have you heard of?

counter watches display.jpg

NO1.Patek Philippe: peerages sign

NO2.Audemars Pigeut:adhere to a century tradition

NO3.Piaget:worth to appreciate the treasures

NO4.Jaeger-Le Coulter:create Guinness record

NO5.Vacheron Constantin:aristocratic artwork

NO6.Rolex:the dominant player in the watch field

NO7.Cartire:high society pet

NO8.IWC:mechanical manufacturing is of exceptional quality

NO9.IRARD-PERREGAUX: creative infinity from Geneva

NO10.OMEGA:achievement and perfect representative

customized acrylic watch display props.jpg

The more expensive the product, the more the need for an exquisite display prop, can better foil the real value of the product, let the product in the display time more exciting.Acryl China Co., Ltd.specializes in customized acrylic watch display props, can make the watch display show more luster and grab consumers' eyes, thereby promoting brand communication and promoting corporate image.