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Merry Christmas

Dec 15, 2017


The biggest celebrations of the year Christmas and New Year has arrived.

1950e1d4ff302e1b013f5a4d156c1001.jpg(Why not choose our acrylic christma drop as a  gift?)

 Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ which comes on the 25th of December every year. Not only the Christian people but the whole world celebrates this day. The night before the Christmas day is called Christmas Eve and during this time Christmas carols leading by Santa Claus comes to all the houses and presents gifts to children. On the Christmas day, Christmas cakes and various other delicious dishes are prepared. People wear new dresses and enjoy the day with happy activities. Most of the people enjoy this day by spending with their families and friends.

b6f59321ed8890b8313153cca536204c.jpg(Why not choose our acrylic christma drop as a  gift?)

After the Christmas celebrations, we have the beautiful day of a year the Happy New Year Day. It’s the first day of a year and people try to forget all the bad things happened and try to bring a new happy life. Everyone wishes their family, friends, and relatives on both these occasions. 


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