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Technical Information About Acrylic

Maintenance Measures Of Acrylic Products

Nov 22, 2017

Acrylic products in addition to pay attention to its quality, maintenance is also one of the very important link, then we should be how to maintain acrylic products?


1, if not broken, you can use the IPS adhesive adhesive glue / adhesive agent or dry agent of dichloromethane and then.

2, polishing, if it is a small scratch, you can directly use toilet paper or dishcloth with a little toothpaste wipe.

3, acrylic products heated at about 70 degrees will be deformed, when heated to more than 100 degrees will soften, so should be avoided for more than 100 degrees.

4, if the product bright, can use liquid polishing wax with a soft cloth to wipe.

5, the thermal expansion coefficient of acrylic products is larger, and the temperature changes should be taken into account when setting or fixing, leaving the telescopic space.

6, should take soft cloth scrub, don't use any containing granular object cleaning agent, don't use a variety of chemical bath agent scrub.

7, acrylic is easy to crack damage, take and pay attention to surface protection.