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Looking Back About 2018 Acryl China!

Jan 02, 2019

Last year, Thanks to the struggle with colleagues, the wind and rain, we have been full of emotions. thank you for your support and trust , Let's share the 2018 of our company to you.

Following the travel to Bali in late 2017, we organized more activities in 2018.

In May Day, the company organized all employees to take a romantic ride in Dongguan Songhu Lake. In Mid-Autumn Festival, all the staff gather to have dinner and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival! The most distinctive feature is that we celebrates birthdays for employees every month. Everyone gathers to eat, drink, and enjoy the relaxation of work.


In this year, in the various exhibitions, we have a more comprehensive understanding of the market, and also narrowed the distance with customers and strengthened cooperation. In March of this year, we went to Shanghai to participate in the well-known international advertising exhibition and flew to Chicago to participate in the GLOBALSHOP retail exhibition. In May, we participated in the Shanghai (CBE) Beauty Expo. In September, we went to Paris, France to participate in the EUIPMAG Exhibition, and our participation did not stop. I look forward to bringing you more exciting news.


Since its inception in 1998,  Acryl China has always insisted on the initial heart, professionally focus on customized acrylic display props, to provide customers with solutions for the mission, continuous innovation and continuous development. This year, many well-known brands have found us to cooperate with us.


In 2018, it was the hardworking Acryl China and the majority of customers who supported us to create a wonderful year , we will continue to work hard, continue to innovate and develop, and work with you to create a win-win situation. In the new year, Acryl China wishes you peace and happiness in the new year, happy and healthy, and wish you all the best!