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Technical Information About Acrylic

Look! A Kaleidoscopic Acrylic Products

Jun 01, 2016

Acrylic as a magical material, captured numerous areas, embodiment as various kinds of form, today we go and see where it is in our life?

1, mobile phone screen.Who thought of it? we look at the screen every day but nobody will think out it made of acrylic.

2, aircraft windshield. Acrylic materials can resistance to high pressure, of course acryl is the best choice.

3, display shelf. Everybody saw in the mall like jewelry bracket, mobile phone bracket, glasses bracket are acrylic products, because of the acryl's beautiful appearance.

4, photo frames. Due to the high light transmittance of acrylic products, let acrylic as packaging can protect the inside of the object, and can make things more beautiful.

5, hotel supplies. Hotel tray, mic stand, tissue box, cup mat, wine cabinets, decca, wash bottles are made of acrylic, it contains almost all fields.

6, acrylic trophy.It is very popular for using transparent acrylic to custom trophies now,on the one hand reflect its  uniqueness, on the other hand the transparent acryl looks really beautiful.

7, advertising board. Because of the acryl's weatherability, making it a special material of outdoor signs.

The properties of the acryl can let its ever-changing. Acryl is healthy environmental protection, easy to clean, easy to machining, easy dyeing and multicolour. Acrylic products sold well all over the country. Acryl China is one of shenzhen's largest acrylic products processing factory,processing acrylic products for 18 years old, firmly believe the principle that "quality first, service first" , are highly recognized by our clients.