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Introduction Of Six Common Processing Technology Of Plexiglass Display Shelf

Nov 22, 2017

Organic glass display rack is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, jewelry stores and other places, then what are the ways of making it? Let's get to know it.

Plexiglass display frame is made of organic glass plate, generally can be processed with woodworking machinery equipment, only in the cutting tools and saw blades and other aspects should be used for processing plexiglass special. What are the main types of common processing technology?:


1, sawing: sawing material processing, cutting straight can also be cut bending. Generally use the special saw blade, this kind of cutting effect is very good, bar commonly used according to.

2, hot bending processing: we found that many plexiglass display frames are bent, that is, the use of hot bending processing. Hot bending must be done with a hot bender. Hot bending first place the plate to be bent on the hot bender and then soften it, then bend it on the edge of the table. After the temperature is cooled, the angle is fixed and bent.

3, cutting processing: cutting is the use of lathe processing, when the plexiglass display frame processing size requirements are very accurate, you need to use the lathe to cut, so as to ensure accurate size. It is worth noting that cutting tools should be clean, clean and free of debris, so as not to scratch the plexiglass.

4, row folding processing: processing organic glass display requires cutting, the cutting board, it is also the most common material cutting method. The folding process is a linear cutting method of organic glass. The ruler is placed on the plate to be machined and cut, the edge of the ruler coincides with the cutting line, and the ruler is fixed, so that it is a straight line. With a hook knife along the edge of a ruler drag row, draw the slot in the plate, when the groove depth is about half the thickness of sheet, the sheet on the edge of the table, so that the edge of the table and slot overlap, hand on the table plate, the other hand on the table plate is pressed downwards, organic glass will from the hook position row neatly broken.

5, hot cutting processing: cutting line bending complex organic glass, can be used for heat cutting saw, but with hot cut organic glass edge sawing thick and uneven, so the heat is only a rough cut molding processing, and finished in standard line besides thermal cutting, leaving more than to finish machining otherwise there will be finishing out of the small size of the situation than the design drawings.

6, file processing: file is the file that is processed. Like the edge of the saw organic glass rough, sharp, you need to file, you can remove the batch front to make it smooth, feel not scraping hands. In addition, when the size is too large, it should be slightly modified to meet the size requirements.