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Technical Information About Acrylic

How To Glue The Acrylic Products?

Jun 01, 2016

Increasingly widespread application of acrylic products,its characteristics of qualitative light, cheap, weather resistance, pervious to light and environmental protection is generally accepted by us, as more and more people use the acrylic products, it is also closely linked with our life, so how to glue the acrylic products?

Organic glass glue. This glue is colorless transparent liquid, suitable for BLF(Back Light Film) and organic glass font,it not easy to degumming, adhesive place is beautiful.

Chloroform. It is a kind of strong corrosive solvent, with the right amount of chloroform solvent drip on bonding surface, acrylic sheets will be dissolve,solvent evaporation cooling and acrylic sheets will curing adhesion. Is very commonly used  for acrylic adhesion.

Acrylic UV shadowless glue.bonding strength is higher,used in small area like glass handicraft products, bathroom mirror etc.

Glue imported from Japan. This glue is colorless transparent resin adhesive. Specially used for thick plate butt and aquarium adhesion. Its advantage is spelling a seam high transparency, seam is not obvious and higher bonding strength.

Glass glue. Main ingredients are sodium silicate. Applies to organic glass and other bonding and sealing materials. Such as: the cosmetic mirror of toilet, the gaps between the sink and metope, etc., stick relay is very strong.

Moreover,502 super glue also can be used for bonding acrylic sheets.