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Technical Information About Acrylic

How Does The Acrylic Material Display Stand Scrape The Flower?

May 09, 2018

Acrylic showcase shaving will affect the overall beauty of the display frame, which will play a negative effect on the display of the products, especially those transparent acrylic display frames, which will look very obvious. It is difficult to cover the scratches. How to solve the case of the shaving of the acrylic display frame?
Acrylic material display

Because a little bit of scraping and throwing away is too bad. Don't worry, Acryl China acrylic processing factory teaches you a few simple and practical ways to solve the scratch method of acrylic display rack.

Acrylic material display

1, for the small and not deep scratch, the usual practice is to use cotton cloth dip toothpaste, the scratching part of the wipe, through repeated wipe, you can remove scratches to restore the original color and brightness of the acrylic display frame.

2, the scratch area is relatively large, can be polished with a cloth wheel polishing polishing, only need to hit the wax in the cloth wheel, and then take the scratch surface for polishing to restore, this method is more rapid.

3, if it is a deep scratch, it is necessary to use the finest sand paper added to the water, the scratch and scratch place all around, and use a cloth wheel polishing machine grinding and polishing, it is necessary to pay attention to, because the scratch is too deep, in order to cover scratches through polishing and grinding many times, so the polishing surface will have a little dent.
Acrylic material display

In fact, more than acrylic show the case of scraping, almost all acrylic products have the phenomenon of scraping. To think of acrylic craftwork without scraping, we can make acrylic processing with strong anti scraping ability. Ordinary acrylic products should pay attention to acrylic products in addition to the process of transportation and use. Maintenance knowledge and scraping treatment methods are also very important.