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Merry Christmas | Acryl China Show You To See How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

Dec 25, 2017

December 25th is the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus - Christmas, also known as Christmas, is a traditional western holiday. Let's take a look at how countries are celebrating Christmas!


Americans focus on family arrangements for Christmas, such as putting up a Christmas tree, stuffing their socks with presents, eating Turkey - based Christmas dishes, and having a family dance.



Britons, like germans, drink beer and eat Turkey on Christmas day. They prefer to travel on Christmas holidays.



In France, the manger is the most distinctive Christmas symbol, because Jesus is believed to have been born beside the manger. After people sing the Christmas song of Jesus, they must have fun and drink. Champagne and brandy are the traditional French Christmas wines.



In the four weeks before Christmas, the Swiss have lit four giant candles and placed them in a ring decorated with branches, one each week, and Christmas will come when the fourth is lit.



Australia is one of the countries in the southern hemisphere. At the end of December, just as western European countries were celebrating Christmas in a cold wind, Australia was the middle of the heat. So Christmas in Australia, you can see the bare upper body, sweaty young man and also wearing a miniskirt girl. This is in contrast with the well-furnished winter snow scene in the shop window, snow-covered Christmas tree and Santa Claus in red cotton-padded jacket that make up Australia's unique holiday scene.



On December 25 and 26, every family in Poland has to decorate the Christmas tree. Friends and relatives congratulated each other during the festival, giving gifts to each other. At dinner, there are some grass under the tablecloth to show the birth of Jesus. Dinner is very rich,but can not eat meat. After 12 o'clock at night, the whole family went to church. During Christmas, people usually do not visit other people's homes, but the masters invite exception.



According to the Bulgarian calendar, Christmas is a day of soul and evil spirits. Therefore,people must use fire to exorcise evil spirits. On the eve of Christmas, every family has set off a fire and has been burning till dawn, so as not to extinguish it. Otherwise, it will invite tragedies. The man took the Christmas wood lit into the room and loudly read: "Christmas is coming, cattle, sheep, pigs, horses full circle, wheat seedlings full, everyone good luck." Waiting in the house are Qi Answered: "Amen!"



Christmas in the Czech republic: on Christmas day, unmarried women in the Czech republic perform a strange ritual to see if they can find Mr. Right next year. Women back toward the house door,  throwing a shoe backward,if the heel is pointing to the door, then she is still single the next year, and if the shoes pointed pointed to the door, then she will be ready to celebrate her good luck.



Christmas in Russia: unlike other countries and regions, the Russian Christmas day is on January 7, because the Roman church uses the Julian calendar. According to orthodox Christian rules, before the Christmas Eve is the fasting season, the Russians will keep fasting for 40 days. On Christmas Eve, people attend a prayer service, followed by a Christmas feast of 12 dishes, each of which is dedicated to one of the twelve apostles.



Christmas in the Netherlands: the Dutch Santa Claus is called SinterKlaas, and he has a partner named black bit, who will sit on a steamboat to deliver sweets and nuts to this year's well-behaved children. Children wear straw and sugar in their shoes to feed their horses.