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Technical Information About Acrylic

Why Is The Gum Display Stand In The Checkout Counter?

Sep 21, 2017

When you're in the supermarket, do you notice that gum display rack is always in front of the checkout counter?Because checkout counter is the last place where the customer stops at shopping in the supermarket, it is an important publicity and promotion site.At the same time, the shelves near the counter whose height is moderate, when customer checkout line, they can reach for the goods, so put some light small goods can stimulate customers’s instant desire to buy.

checkout countergoods display.jpg

acrylic gum display stand.jpg

chewing gum display rack.jpg

Chewing gum is a non-essential item, and most customers buy chewing gum with impulse buys.When you see gum at the cash register, suddenly you feel a breath, and you buy it, which is not expensive anyway,so merchant will display the gum in a convenient place.And a finely processed acrylic chewing gum display rack can not only place products regularly, but also clearly display goods and promote consumption.