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Do You Know What Kind Of Exhibitions Acryl China Has Took Part In?

Aug 24, 2017

Nowadays, Acryl China Co., Ltd., growing strength, and develop overseas market since 2012, we have participated a lot of world-class exhibition, and achieved good results, the following will share with you our wonderful exhibition.


SIGN CHINA -The most complete and premium showcase of the sign industry production supply chain,has now firmly established itself as one of the highest-profile and influential sign events in the world showcasing the latest products and innovations available in the market.We participated in this exhibition in Guangzhou in March 2013 and February 2014, and we will participate in this exhibition in Changsha, China on October 21 this year.


GlobalShop, the only trade show that combines retail design,merchandising,technology & marketing. GlobalShop brings the retail world’s top influencers under one roof.We participated in the GlobalShop in Las Vegas in March 2016, and we will continue to participate in Chicago next march.


Besides Globalshop held in Chicago in March next year, we will also take part in next September Equipmag exhibitions held in France, we look forward to meeting you.

Globalshop Chicago Trade Show.jpg