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Technical Information About Acrylic

Display Prop’s Applications In Commercial Display Space

Sep 14, 2017

In modern commercial display space, display props used by brand enterprise is more and more important, because the display props can help business division of commercial space, coordinate business environment, to build a good business shopping atmosphere, so that the consumer shopping experience more enjoyable.And the display props have the ability to display brand culture and corporate image, which is widely used in shopping malls.For example, jewelry display, product display of cosmetics shelf, electronic display of digital store, display of window display, etc.

commercial display space.jpg

Because the presentation pays attention to the visual communication effect, plexiglass is the best material for making commercial display props.First of all, it is because the high transmittance of plexiglass is more attractive to consumers. Secondly, plexiglass is easy to process, which can be combined with products and brands to design various styles.

jewellery plexiglass display prop.jpg

Acryl China is a plexiglass display prop customization manufacturer,she has rich experience in production of retail display props, can actively cooperate with customer project implementation,welcome to consult!

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