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Christmas And Chinese New Year

Dec 22, 2017

Now, many of our American customers are on vacation because it's Christmas three days later. Recently, I've seen a big Christmas tree in many stores, and Santa Claus... The festive atmosphere is quite thick. The atmosphere of joy was everywhere in the east and in the west. On Christmas day, many American and European family members gather at home for dinner, Christmas Eve, and Santa Claus will quietly prepare presents for children.

Acryl China wishes you merry Christmas.jpg

This is very similar to our Chiness Spring FestivalBecause they are the most important festivals of the year, and the family is together at this time. Our customers are celebrating Christmas, and Acryl China team is beginning to feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, all of China will have a holiday, and the guys will have a long vacation without work, go home and get together with their families, find friends and relatives to gather together, eat easily, play with ease...

Christmas is coming, Acryl China wishes everyone a merry Christmas!