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CHINASHOP2017 Is Over, And The Next Stop Is Chicago

Nov 08, 2017

CHINASHOP2017 was held in Chongqing, China, ended last Saturday.Acryl China team has returned to the company to resume daily work.CHINASHOP2017 is one of Asia's biggest retail professional exhibitions, 90000 square meters exhibition scale, nearly 800 enterprises, more than 100000 exhibits, the exhibits covering the business super, stores, convenience stores, chain restaurants, stores and all chain commerce.Thank you for all the retail purchasing customers who have visited Acryl China booth.By communicating with you, let us learn about the huge demand for retail display products, which gives us hope for the retail display area.



In the past half month, we have participated in the 24th China advertising festival and CHINASHOP2017, Acryl China has met many industry friends through these two exhibitions and gained precious friendship.This leads us to believe that more and more genuine customers  will find us  if we participate in more exhibitions.So we will continue to walk on this road, and the next stop is Chicago, USA, hoping to meet you.