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Technical Information About Acrylic

Creative Acrylic Trays Add More Color To Your Life!
Sep 08, 2017

Now Acryl China show you a few acrylic tray which can be used in the sitting room,they can decorate your sitting room and very creative.When you entertain guests, also can let your guests to feel your taste.

acrylic trays.jpg

Acrylic trays are made of environmentally friendly materials and are safe, healthy and odorless, so they can be used to serve fruit, drinks and tableware.And its clear appearance radiates the light of the crystal, the visual display effect is good, contracted and do not break elegance.

acrylic fruit tray display.jpg

Acrylic tray except for home use, their creative fashion style can also be applied to the guest room and food service industries, such as when you are in meal, you see beautiful flowers placed in clear acrylic trays, don't you find it very romantic?

acrylic visual display.jpg

Acryl China, a wholesale manufacturer of acrylic trays in China, can also print your brand logo on the surface of the tray to help you better display your products and services.

China acrylic trays wholesale.jpg