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Technical Information About Acrylic

Acrylic Shop Display Props Are A Popular Promotional Tool

Nov 30, 2017

Stores product display is a kind of visual marketing, is based on different exhibition space, use all kinds of props, art and accessories, the product style positioning on the basis of the combination of culture, art, taste, fashion, personality and other elements, through a variety of display technique, the product function, characteristic, style or sales activity theme fully expressed.


Businesses is very pay attention to sell goods display,because in the commodity exhibition space or selling a certain range of the space, people (franchisees, customers) on the property of commodity, functions, features, quality, style, class can be clear at a glance.This can attract their attention, impress them, and help motivate people to get close to goods and to perchase goods.And it can help businesses to maximize the display of goods, stimulate merchandise sales, build brand influence and spread brand culture.


Acrylic shop display props can help merchants to achieve the perfect product display effect.Acrylic this material has a 92% light transmittance, more than glass, known as "plastic crystal".And it has excellent weather resistance, abrasion resistance, easy to process, printing, easy to clean.And the acrylic display stand as the display prop of the shopping mall, for us to present a kind of high-end texture, has the fashionable avant-garde technology sense.Acrylic display props manufacturers Acryl China would consider store overall situation of product display, for merchants to provide the best customized programs, giving special products the most dazzling display effect, promote the spread of the brand, and promote product sales.