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Technical Information About Acrylic

Acrylic's Characteristic

Jun 30, 2016

1.High transparency.Acrylic is by far the most excellent polymer transparent material, light transmission rate of 92%, higher than the glass light transmittance. Known as the artificial sun solar lamp tube is a quartz do, this is because the quartz can be completely through the ultraviolet ray. Acrylic only through 0.6% UV, but organic glass can through 73%.

2.Mechanical strength. Acrylic relative molecular mass of approximately 2000000, is a long chain polymer, but also by the formation of molecular chain is very soft, therefore, acrylic strength is relatively high, tensile and impact ability than ordinary glass tall 7 ~18 times. Therefore, stretch processing organic glass can be used as a bulletproof glass, also used on military aircraft cockpit cover.

3.The light weight.Acrylic density is 1.18kg/dm3, the same size as the material, its weight is only half of acrylic, metal aluminum ( belonging to the light metal ) 43%.

4.Easy processing. Acrylic can be used not only for cutting lathe, drilling machine for drilling, but also with acetone, chloroform and bonded into various shapes of apparatus, can also be used for blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, plastic manufacturing process to the aircraft canopy, small teeth and dental care, the products of every hue.