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Technical Information About Acrylic

Acrylic Properties

Aug 17, 2017


Hardness is the best embodiment of the parameters cast acrylic sheet production process and technology. Hardness reflects raw PMMA purity, weather resistance and high temperature performance plate etc. Hardness plate will affect whether contraction bending deformation occurs directly when the surface is processed chapped and so on. Hardness is one of the hard targets to judge good or bad quality acrylic sheet produced with imported materials and cast acrylic sheet products currently, Rockwell hardness about 89 degrees.


Thickness tolerance

Acrylic craft sheet thickness tolerance control is an important manifestation of quality control and production technology. Imported materials cast acrylic board thickness tolerance control is within +0.2 mm, thats strict.



Strictly selected raw materials with advanced formula follow-up and modernization of the production process production, In order to make sure transparency and white sheet excellent degree after flame polishing crystal clear.