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Technical Information About Acrylic

Acrylic Photo Frame , The Scenery Placed There

Jun 01, 2016

Why there has been a glass picture frame, plastic frame also has the acrylic photo frame market? How does acryl appeal to stand out as a display?

Acrylic light transmittance as high as 92%, than light transmittance of glass, a memorable photo into the acrylic photo frame will be more clear,in the sitting room or bedroom will become a scenery.

Acrylic products against sex is strong, not easy to be broken, this advantage relative to the glass picture frames can be deadly, acrylic photo frame non-friable safer, especially in the place of more children, it is particularly important.

Weight is half lighter than glass, much lighter than the same volume material. So if the big size photo frame made of acryl,  will be lighter and suspension, mobile, handling will be more convenient and quick.

Color variety, can be processed into various forms, 180 ℃ can be shaping, which other material can't beat. Plastic frame will not so top grade, poor pervious to light,glass picture frame is fragile.

These is probably the reason that acrylic photo frame can stand out in so many material frame, the cause of because acrylic photo frame not only make up for the deficiencies of other material frame, the more important is acrylic photo frame is a scenery placed there, is a handicraft. Acryl China doing acrylic photo frame is of great achievements, the photo frame all without exception shows its elegant and luxuriant, modelling design is fashionable and unique ,must be your best choice.