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Technical Information About Acrylic

Acrylic Furniture Has Become A New Trend In Furniture Industry
Aug 31, 2017

According to news reports from Shanghai, China, the most luxurious houses has attracted many netizens' attention because of its high-end atmosphere.especially its new fashionable acrylic furniture.The acrylic table that placed in the center of the living room is a perfect combination of design and manufacture.Acrylic with its good transparency and crystal-like texture, rich color, outstanding highlight the fashion and avant-garde that personalized furniture should display.

acrylic furniture display.jpg

Acrylic furniture first appeared in Germany, from the beginning of the 1990s to the present, the furniture of acrylic furniture in the western countries reached 35%.And because of the acrylic have excellent transparency, good weathering resistance, easy processing, excellent comprehensive performance and other characteristics, acrylic furniture also has intensified the trend, the future acrylic furniture will become a new trend of furniture industry.Because acrylic furniture relative to glass furniture or wood furniture, will have higher cost performance.And transparent acrylic furniture can expand the sense of space from the vision, suit the interior design element that is suitable for some contemporary style, can give your household to decorate bring some fashionable breath.

acrylic table.jpg

acrylic furniture.jpg