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Technical Information About Acrylic

Acrylic Fish Tanks, Acrylic New Markets

Nov 15, 2017

In recent years, with the development of recreational fishery, collecting the brocade carp is becoming more and more popular, become a new investment project. According to the expert's analysis, brocade carp is known as the "Swimming works of art" , has a very high appreciation and collection value, but brocade carp collection can't away from the fish tank, so that they are also led fish tanks market prosperity. but what kind of fish tanks material should be choosed?

acrylic plexiglass aquarium.jpg

Choose the tank must choose acrylic plexiglass aquarium!

Acrylic aquarium have a good pervious to light,light transmittance was 92%, and can clearly see every detail that the fish doing in the fishbowl.

The weight of the acrylic fish light weight half than common glass, so the stent under load will be much smaller, also handling can easily.

Acrylic fish tank the impact resistance of 16 times that of ordinary glass, so the service life of three years longer than common glass Acrylic fish tank's weather resistance, acid and alkali are good,ordinary glass can't do it.

Acrylic color variety, it's also one of the common glass can't match.

acrylic fish tanks.jpg

So acrylic fish tanks still has a lot of advantages compared with the ordinary fish tank, but the market of acrylic fish tank now is still in the situation of gradually open, many manufacturers don't have production process and conditions of the big fish tank, but this does not prevent the acrylic aquarium market continuously expand. Acryl China as shenzhen the first batch of acrylic products processing factories, for acrylic fish tanks has its own unique experience and advantage.