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Technical Information About Acrylic

Acryl China Take You Approached Acrylic Furniture

Jun 01, 2016

Until today in development of the Internet has been more complete, more and more people online consulting, purchase products, service, cause the decline of traditional industries,traditional industries to seek development, so has the concept of "Internet +", this is the trend is the integration of Internet and traditional industries.Acrylic furniture's innovation is a product of the "Internet +".

Acrylic board not only environmental protection but also good pervious to light, impact resistance, resistance to friction, but we found that the acrylic furniture is rare, because while acrylic there are so many benefits, but it is difficult to produce and expensive, so the market is occupied by cheap substitute - composite board.

Acryl to press material cent can be divided into three main categories: import board, Taiwan board, domestic board.Because of different origin and purity,determines the plate quality and the price .The furniture on the market some are traditional UV lacquer board, cheap but not high temperature resistant,not resistant to moisture,and easy off paint;Taiwan board or domestic board, the surface will have significant water mark, thickness is not very uniform, and easy yellowing.Fewer people uses import plate, because of its expensive, but absolutely it is a high grade choice.

Acrylic board as a relatively new material, in the field of furniture is still in the initial development phase, but we believe that its market potential is strong, as people living standard rise, to the requirement of the quality of life has increased, acrylic furniture market will definitely become dominant in the future.Acryl Chinaengaged in acrylic processing for 18 year ,a really professional acrylic products processing factory, welcome to customize.