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Acryl China-a Reliable Manufacturer Of Customized Acrylic Tray

Nov 29, 2018

Although the weather is colder and colder, the enthusiasm of our worker is still high.

Wholesale acrylic tray

Recently, a large domestic trading company that has reached a strategic partnership with our company has returned a order of single acrylic tray once again, over 10,000 in quantity. We have arranged many employees to work over day and night to make goods for this project! Two shifts in 24 hours, which giving customers a strong guarantee in quality and delivery time!

Acrylic tray manufacturers

acrylic trays can be applied to some of the tasteful and exquisite guest room catering services. Not just for home use

Acrylic room trays can not only be placed with tableware, but also can be inserted into flowers  bringing a mood to customer.  engraved logo can better display the corporate brand image.

Acrylic tray manufacturersAcrylic tray manufacturersAcrylic tray manufacturersAcrylic tray manufacturers

Acrylic tray can be used to hold fruits, beverages and tableware. It is made of environmentally-friendly and high-quality acrylic materials. Making sure it is safe, healthy and odor-free. It has fine workmanship,  and creats a crystal ,simple and elegant view. 

Acrylic tray manufacturers

You can also customize the various colors of the pattern, the high-grade atmosphere, is a landscape on the table, giving the guests a bright feeling.

Our scientific management and fine workmanship, as well as the respected concept of "all for the customer, all serve the customer", have won the trust of the new and old customers.