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Custom Personalized Products Require A Deposit. Do You Know Why?
Jun 12, 2017

Acryl China Co., Ltd is acrylic products suppliers, customization is our biggest characteristic, this is because of the many industries have personalization of our service requirements, but customers need to pay the deposit for custom products, do you know why?

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First, the payment of the deposit can help the customer make a clear choice and make the custom project go smoothly. The products and businesses of today's markets are bringing up the space that customers choose. But the custom product is made according to the customer's requirements, and if the customer doesn't, no one else wants it. Paying down the deposit can prevent the buyer from falling into the excessive choice blindly, not wasting everyone's most precious time and energy.

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Second, paying a deposit can increase trust. Trust is a precious commodity in the process of doing business. Acryl China Co., Ltd, have custom requirements of customer and agent to negotiate cooperation, together with the designer complete the design scheme, the two sides confirmed clear, customers and delivery of the deposit, and immediately inform the production workshop manager to arrange production, to ensure the quality of production, because the customer has paid the deposit, we will go all out. In other words, the customer is more concerned about the quality of the product than the deposit. Such mutual trust, communication is more convenient and cooperation is more enjoyable!

Custom personalized products require a deposit.jpg

Third, the high-quality acrylic custom manufacturer dares to ask the customer to pay the deposit first. Acryl China Co., Ltd is engaged in acrylic custom processing industry nearly 20 years, is located in the beautiful coastal city of shenzhen, in customer service, good reputation in the industry, we dare to put forward the payment to the customer request, because we have own design, process, production, services, such as the issue of self-confidence, we have the confidence to let customer satisfaction, create a win-win!