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The 24th China International Advertising Festival Was Successfully Concluded

Oct 24, 2017

The 24th China international advertising festival, which lasted three days, ended in Changsha on October 23, 2017.Acryl China participated in this event as a well-known brand in the advertising display products industry.Acryl China team expresses deep appreciation and the highest respect for the people at home and abroad who visited our booth during the exhibition.

the 24th China international advertising festival 1.jpg

Our booth is beautifully decorated, we bring the product very creative, attracted many visitors will stop, many clients at the scene of a detailed consultation, and hope that through the exhibition for further cooperation.Our staff is always patiently to communicate with customers, which embodies their professional skills and professional dedication, let them become the focus of this exhibition, at home and abroad by the vast number of coming to our booth advertising people praise and affirmation.

the 24th China international advertising festival 2.jpg

We through this exhibition with many customers for a friendly exchanges and make many new friends, understand the the latest market of advertising display props customization,widened the field of vision, which will bring us new opportunities for future development.

the 24th China international advertising festival 3.jpg