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2017 China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) Is Over,See You Next Year

Jun 01, 2017

May 23-25, the 22nd China beauty expo (Shanghai CBE) was held in Shanghai's new international expo center, one of the world's three major exhibitions.More than 412,500 people from 80 countries and regions have set a new record for the global beauty show.



As a beauty beauty makeup brand professional exhibition props production suppliers, is committed to helping the cosmetics industry merchants create high-quality brand image display acrylic exhibition shelf manufacturing processing factory AcrylChina, of course not miss such a major event, AcrylChina team representatives from shenzhen arrived in Shanghai.



In Shanghai New International Expo Center, the famous cosmetics brands such as l 'oreal, Shiseido, Pechoin, Osmun, wetherm and Hanhoo, etc.Acryl China Co., ltd. is producing acrylic products factory, can according to the characters of the cosmetics brand and product appearance special customization features creative display stands.Acrylic display stands can  focus on the focal point of the product.


Acryl China Co., Ltd., Ltd offers cosmetic display items such as lipstick holder, mask holder, cosmetic packing box, cosmetic display shelf, make-up frame, etc.Please contact AcrylChina for more details.The next Shanghai CBE will be held from 22 to 24 May 2018, and look forward to meeting you!