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PARKER Pen Display Rack In Acryl China Factory Mass Customization

In 1888, American George Parker founded PARKER company.George Parker said that only "if the product is better, people will buy it". This is the profound cultural connotation of parker pen over the centuries. As the world leader in high-quality writing instruments, PARKER pen accompanied many major events in the world to witness history and spread civilization.Conan Doyle shaped holmes with a PARKER pen. Henry, the billionaire, signed a contract with PARKER pen to buy the Empire State Building. Former US President Nixon visited China for the first time with a Parker pen as a gift.

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Acryl China is honored to work with Parker to customize the acrylic pen display rack. Parker pen is a luxury brand in the pen,a symbol of the pens industry model. Acrylic display stands tailored to the product can not only be used for display of goods, but also because of its bright surface features, can play a good packaging promotional role. We can put PARKER's creative brand logo on the front of the display rack, enabling the PARKER pen to be a visual focus all the time.