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Acryl China—Nestle Brand Acrylic A5 Frame Suppliers

Nestle, a Swiss food and beverage company, is the world's largest food manufacturer, and is known for producing chocolate bars and instant coffee.We have a customer who come from Australia specializes in agency the products of nestle,and he has long been customized acrylic displlay from Acryl China,such as magnetic acrylic block frames,acrylic table stands and acrylic trays and so on.

acrylic A5 frame.jpg

The project he is currently customizing is for Nespresso, a subsidiary of nestle group, to customize the acrylic A5 frame for the coffee machine sales.Of course, you need to put the product description of the coffee machine in the frame to show the product and guide the customer.

acrylic menu holder manufacturers.jpg

In addition, the acrylic A5 frame can also be used as acrylic menu holder which you will often see in nestle in the store, it shows the various nestle beverage and prices.Acryl China is acrylic menu holder manufacturers, warmly welcome to consult us for customized acrylic menu holder.

acrylic table stand.jpg