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Swiss LINSAQC Brand Customized Acrylic Cosmetics Display Stand

Linsaqc, a small group of skin care brands with independent research and development laboratories, has always insisted on the original intention of building the most high-tech products. Its brand story comes from the creation of the famous painter monet, which symbolizes that beauty is fresh and energetic every day like sunrise. Acryl China and Linsaqc cooperation custom cosmetics display props also embody the "natural", "pollution-free" brand concept.

acrylic cosmetics display stand.jpg

This cosmetic display frame combines acrylic and stainless steel structure with fine cut acrylic base to provide a delicate display space for the product. The brand advertising of Linsaqc is put in the upright acrylic background board, and the concept of the brand is transferred to the consumer while the product is displayed. At the same time, this acrylic cosmetics display rack can be energized,and the display will be better in glowing situations.


The following is the application of this acrylic cosmetics display stand in LINSAQC brand store:

custom cosmetics display props.jpg

Acryl China focus acrylic display props custom,and all our work focuses on customer requirements and brand appeals to provide customized solutions to help customers to turn their ideas into reality. We have been engaged in acrylic customization for nearly 20 years, long for well-known brand service, customized high-end counter display props. Welcome all brand agents to come to us for consult customized solutions.

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