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Pingan Bank Customised Red Acrylic Rotating Brochure Holder

Thanks Pingan Bank for the support and trust of Acryl China Co., Ltd.Now our factory is making large quantities of acrylic rotating brochures holder for ping an bank.Some of the goods have been delivered to customers and received favorable feedback from customers, expressing praise for the acrylic fabrication process of AcrylChina.

acrylic rotating brochures holder.jpg

The red acrylic rotating display holder is helpful for all-directional three-dimensional propaganda, made from high quality acrylic materials, with strong texture and quality assurance.

customised red acrylic rotating brochure holder.jpg

This acrylic rotating display can be used to place brochures, documents, paper and pen, etc., in ping an bank and in the workplace can often meet, and is very popular with customers.

acrylic rotating display.jpg

Acryl China Co., Ltd has rich experience in rotating display production, existing many samples for reference, as well as professional designers design free, welcome to consult.