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Look,acrylic sports trophies are ready to go to Lebanon

We’re proud of we can custom acrylic sports trophies for a school that is in Lebanon.Just now, we used our camera to record these production scenes in the workshop.Look, these acrylic sports trophies products are bright and clear, like a piece of art, have the souvenir collection value, believe Lebanese customer and students will like it. 

acrylic sports trophies.JPG

Awards made from acrylic are very popular.To make the acrylic trophy look more delicate, we used the polishing machine to polish it repeatedly.So, you'll see a clean, high-quality polished edge on the side of the trophy.

custom acrylic souvenir awards.JPG

acrylic sports trophies manufacturer.JPG

 Acryl China, a manufacturer of acrylic sports trophies, will customize the products according to your requirements,Welcome your inquiry !