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Acryl China's acrylic service tray is shipped in succession

November acrylic service tray demand growth, Acryl China workshop has produced several shipments.Acrylic tray is mainly used in hotels, guesthouses, rooms and other service industries. It is used for put cocktails, fruits, tea and beverages.With the consumption of hotel services, the demand for acrylic hotel trays is increasing.Our customer feedback the acrylic crystal tray not only the appearance is exquisite, and the quality is good.At present, various types of various specifications of the tray are still in the customization.

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acrylic trays factory.jpg

With the improvement of modern living standards, people have raised the awareness of food safety, whether it is food itself or the tray and tableware used for food.The high transparency of acrylic materials makes many people willing to use acrylic as raw materials for customized processing, which is also the reason for the large demand of acrylic hotel tray customization.The acrylic tray produced by Acryl China passes the global standard CNAS, ILAC- MRA, STU raw materials non-toxic environmental protection test, gives you a reassuring assurance.