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American client custom-made acrylic round flower box with lights

This is a very popular acrylic flower box, the number of orders is 5,000, its owner is a dealer from the United States to run display props.The trader contacted Acryl China last week and asked to customize a batch of acrylic round rose display boxes, which are now in transit and are believed to be arriving soon.

acrylic round flower box with lights.jpg

Display props belong to a part of commercial space. As people's demand changes, in recent years, in the design of commercial space display, some display props will be produced with luminous effect.Acrylic display box with led lights will make the product more attractive on display, especially in the evening, and it will also help to create a better atmosphere for shopping for consumers.

customized perspex display props.JPG

Acryl China is perspex display products supplier, we have 19 years experience in raw material processing customized, professional custom can glow acrylic display props, which will add luster for your commercial display space.

commercial display space design.JPG