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Spinning Lipstick Tower Acrylic Lipstick Holder Lipstick Organizer

it's the spinning lipstick tower. It holds about 81 lipsticks in just over small space,

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Acryl China Co., Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of spinning lipstick tower acrylic lipstick holder lipstick organizer, we can offer you spinning lipstick tower acrylic lipstick holder lipstick organizer free sample. Please feel free to get customized products made in China at a good price from us.

It holds about 81 lipsticks in just over small space, making it ideal for keeping all of your lipsticks beautifully organized in a limited space. It spins effortlessly to allow you an easy access to your lipsticks from all four sides, we equiped some medels  with beautiful bling that makes them stand out more and add a touch of shine and sparkle to it. we have our own designer and factory ,we can meet your deign and requirements

Item specifics:

- Full unit Dimensions: L170 x W170 x H230mm

- Rotates 360 degrees to easily enable you to easily find the lipstick you are looking for.

- Available in White or customized

- Slot sizes are 25 x 25 mm

- Slots angled slightly upwards to prevent products from slipping out

- Package Weight:about 2 kg

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